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Bearing Races

Major share of our business comes from Bearings Rings. The company has the capability and flexibility to manufacture Bearing Rings from all routes viz Bar, Tube , Forging. This gives customers flexibility to choose the preferred manufacturing route based on their preference on cost , quality and customized requirements.

With extremely advance machine shop using CNC machines , VMC Machine concept; we are able to deliver customers a wide variety of parts with consistency in quality. Dedicated cells to manufacture rings for HUB Bearings , TRB , CRB , SRB , DGBB, Water Pump Bearing parts are installed to achieve the required output.


The machines are capable to produce parts from as low as 5 mm to 180 mm.


Dedicated Connected Automatic Turning lines for Deep Groove Ball Bearing Rings give us the added advantage to produce high volume parts with consistency at extremely low cycle times.

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